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Portland, OR, USA | DesignMedix is a drug development company focused on overcoming drug resistance, one of the major challenges impacting human health and drug development today.
keywords: pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, toxicology, mutagenesis, parasitology, drug resistance, malaria, Portland OR USA Lynnor Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer; Sandra Shotwell, Chief Operations Officer; Jane Kelly, Senior Chemist

Embera NeuroTherapeutics

Sudbury, MA, USA | Novel treatments for smoking cessation and cocaine dependence
keywords: alcohol, cocaine addiction, nicotine, smoking cessation, obesity, mental health Sudbury MA USA Robert B. Linke, President and Chief Executive Officer; Carol Gloff, Ph.D., Vice President, Pre-Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs; Michael Detke, M.D.

Cancer Genetics

Rutherford,, NJ, USA | DNA-based cancer diagnostics of hematological, urogenital and HPV-associated cancers.
keywords: Oncology, Hematological Cancer, Urogenital Cancer, HPV, DNA-Based Diagnosis, DNA, cancer, urology Rutherford, NJ USA Panna Sharma, President and Chief Executive Officer; Elizabeth Czerepak, Chief Financial Officer; Jane Houldsworth

InnerSpace Medical

Tustin, CA, USA | Providing surgeons and nurses with solutions to treat Traumatic Brain Injury
keywords: TBI, brain, brain injury, monitoring, neuro-diagnostics, neuro-monitoring system Tustin CA USA John Foster, Executive Chairman; Ben Bobo, Chief Commercial Officer and Founder; Dave Adams, Chief Operations Officer; Dave Youngberg, Vice President Sales

Cervel Neurotech

Redwood City, CA, USA | Medical devices for brain neuro-modulation.
keywords: neuro-modulation, neuro, brain, neurology, brain health, neurotech, medical device Redwood City CA USA Eric Meier, CEO; Bret Schneider, MD, CMO; John Sadler, R&D; John Bartlett-Roberto

IntelliCyt Corporation

Albuquerque, NM, USA | Develops cell and bead-based screening solutions for use in phenotypic drug discovery, antibody discovery and in vitro toxicity testing.
keywords: cell, screenings, bead, antibody, in vitro toxicity testing Albuquerque NM USA R. Terry Dunlay, Founder, President and CEO; Thomas Duensing, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer; Janette Phi, Chief Commercial Officer; Dennis Hynson, Chief Financial Officer

Insightra Medical, Inc.

Innovative medical devices for hernia and other general surgical therapies
keywords: Surgery, Medical Devices, Hernia, Octomesh, Inguinal Hernia, Ventral Hernia, Chronic Pain Irvine CA Brad Sharp, CEO & Chairman of the Board; Steve Bell, President; Laxmikant Khanolkar, COO; Wayne Noda, CTO; Todd Perz

Trinity Vascular Systems

San Diego, United States | Medical devices capable of rejuvenating dead cardiomyocytes.
keywords: Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Disease, Cardiology, Regeneration, Blood Flow Stimulation, Wound healing, Critical Limb Ischemia, Peripheral Artery Disease, Chronic Wounds San Diego California United States Alan Remen, CEO; Dennis Bandyk, MD

AMPT Health

Lincoln,, NE, USA | Facilitates and tracks employee engagement success. Performance management.
keywords: Performance management, gamification, employee engagement, HL7 integration Lincoln, NE USA Colin Caneva, Co-Founder and CEO; Clint Carlos, Co-Founder and COO

Admedus Corp.

Minneapolis, MN, USA | A new generation of tissue bio-implants that more easily integrate into recipient tissue, show less capacity for rejection and have the potential to replace many of the products that surgeons currently use.
keywords: Regenerative Tissue, Bio-Implants, Rejection, Surgery, Heart Minneapolis MN USA Julian Chick, Chief Operating Officer; Stephen Mann, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary; Lynne Bradshaw, Director-Marketing; Danny Zanardo, Director-Sales; Helen Wray, VP of Operations

MedRock, Inc.

Only therapies clinically shown to eradicate CNP infections and eliminate associated calcification and inflammation
keywords: Osteoarthritis, Loss of Mobility, Muscle Tightness, hip, mobility, movement, orthopedic rehabilitation Portland OR Tony Rocklin, Founder, CSO and Chairman of the Board; Duffy DuFresne, CEO and Board Director

Menon Biosensors, Inc.

Bldg 5, Suite 525, CA, USA | Molecular biochemistry company analyzing for rapid detection and diagnosis of biological pathogens.
keywords: infectious disease, biological pathogens, diagnostics device, assays, nuclear magnetic resonance, NMR, molecular mirroring M(2) technology Bldg 5, Suite 525 CA USA Suresh Menon, PhD., Founder and President; Gregory P Hanson CMA, MBA

BEAT BioTherapeutics Corp.

Therapies for heart disease, based on a fundamental discovery in cardiac muscle contraction
keywords: Heart Disease, Cardiac Failure, Gene Therapy, heart, cardiology, cardio, datp Bellevue WA Michael Kranda, CEO; Gregory G, Mahairas, Ph.D.

GeneCentric Diagnostics

Developing assays for use in clinical laboratories for diagnosis in cancer treatments
keywords: Cancer, Diagnostics, Lung Cancer, Anti-Angiogenesis Therapies, Oncology Durham NC Dr. Myla Lai-Goldman MD, CEO; Dr. David Neil Hayes, MD MPH MS; Dr. Mark R. Miglarese, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer; Dr. Charles M. Perou, PhD; Dr. Hawazin Faruki, Vice President for Clinical Development

IlluminOss Medical, Inc

Minimally invasive bone fixation technology
keywords: Osteology, Bone Fractures, Bone Stabilization, Osteoporotic Bone East Providence RI Dirk Kuyper, CEO; Robert A. Rabiner, Founder & CTO; Dwayne Montgomery, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Gene DiPoto, Senior Vice President of R&D; Joe Burke, Vice President of Quality Directors/Advisory Board Prof. Dr. med Dietmar Pennig; PD Dr. med Thomas Gausepoh; Dr. Roberto Varsalona; Christopher Born, M.D.; Trey Crisco, Ph.D.; Andrew Green

Diagnostic Photonics, Inc.

Real-time insight into the microscopic structure of tissue, giving clinicians immediate feedback to optimize patient care in a number of clinical scenarios.
keywords: eyes, ophthalmology, care, technology, diagnostics, oncology Chicago IL Andrew Cittadine, President & CEO; Adam M. Zysk PhD, Director of Clinical Development; Stephen Boppart MD PhD, Cofounder & Chief Medical Officer; P. Scott Carney PhD, Cofounder & Chief Scientific Officer

Catasys, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA, USA | Addressing substance dependence as a chronic disease, providing longterm care with interventions, coaching and online aid
keywords: Substance abuse, dependence, health management, intervention Los Angeles CA USA Terren Peizer, CEO; Richard A. Anderson, President and Chief Operating Officer; Omar Manejwala, M.D., SVP and Chief Medical Officer; W. Gregory McLane, SVP, Sales and Marketing; Susan Etzel, CPA


Delivering patient engagement solutions that improve outcomes and enhance relationships
keywords: IngagePatient Electronic Health Record (EHR) Practice Management System (PMS) Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Patient Engagement Desktop and Mobile Gainsville FL Jana Jones, President & CEO; Justin Neece, COO; Andy Selyutin, CTO and Co-Founder; David K. Williams, RN and Founder


DermaLOC™ is an easy and painless way to close cuts and wounds and achieve a professional, cosmetic result.
keywords: cosmetic, wound closure Andrew Fox, MD, CEO, President, Founder & Board Chair; Jonae Barnes, Board Member; Larry May, MD, Chief Medical Officer; Charles Tusa, Board Member

Cellmid Limited

Sydney, Australia | Cellmid Limited (ASX:CDY) is a biotechnology company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company is developing innovative therapies and diagnostic tests for heart attack, inflammatory diseases and cancer. Cellmid holds the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property related to midkine, an extensively validated therapeutic and diagnostic target in inflammation, autoimmunity and cancer. Cellmid is actively looking for partners to commercialise these significant midkine intellectual property assets in ischemia, cancer and inflammatory diseases.
keywords: cancer, oncology, inflammation, therapy, therapeutic Sydney Australia Dr David King, Chairman; Ms Maria Halasz, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer; Mr Graeme Kaufman, Non-Executive Director; Mr Martin Rogers, Non-Executive Director; Mr Darren Jones, Head of Product Development; Mr Nicholas Falzon, Company Secretary & Financial Controller; Ms Jillian McGregor

DMF Medical

Halifax, Canada | Designing and developing biomedical devices which make the process of delivering anesthesia safer.
keywords: biomedical devices Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Cerora Inc.

Bethlehem, PA, USA | Healthcare IT, device & software platform for brain injury detection and assessment
keywords: Healthcare IT, Medic Device Diagnostics, concussion, mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer\'s disease, Autism, Parkinson\'s disease, brain health, psychiatry, neurology, diagnostic Bethlehem PA USA Adam J Simon-President/CEO; David M Devilbiss-Head R&D; Gary Kath-Head Engineering; Jim Sullivan-Head Sales; Denis Goldenberg-Head Marketing; Gloria Ferko-Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Cynapsus Therapeutics

Toronto, Canada |
keywords: Parkinson\'s disease, injections, therapy, PD, treatment Toronto Ontario Canada Anthony Giovinazzo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Director; Dr. Albert Agro, Chief Medical Officer; Andrew Williams, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer


Export, PA, USA | Sleep apnea and noninvasive respiratory therapy
keywords: Respiratory, sleep, Positive airway passages, breathing, airway, respiration Export PA USA David Groll, Founder and CEO; Ronnie Mahofski, Vice President of Engineering; Greg Ulery, Controller; Ken Godish, National Sales Director Board of Directors David Groll, CEO Jeff Swoveland


Hayward, CA, USA | DiaCarta is a medical diagnostics company that is dedicated to improving patient care through novel precision molecular diagnostics: CE/IVD marked tests are available for detection of KRAS, NRAS, EGFR, BRAF, PIK3CA, JAK2 and customizing. HPV QuantiVirus® cervical and head-neck cancer tests allow detection of oncogenic E6/E7 mRNAs from 14 high-risk subtypes and genotyping of HPV 16 and 18, in one simple assay.
keywords: cancer, oncology, treatment, diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, hpv Hayward CA USA Aiguo Zhang, Ph.D, President and CEO, Founder; Paul Okunieff, M.D., Founder

Anavex Life Sciences Corp.

Califon, NJ 07830, New Jersey, USA | Discovery and development of new drugs for the treatment of neurological diseases and cancer
keywords: Drug discovery, Alzheimer, Epilepsy, cancer, Oncology, Neurology, brain health Califon, NJ 07830 New Jersey USA

Opexa Therapeutics

The Woodlands, TX, USA | Develops treatments for autoimmune diseases.
keywords: Regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, multiple sclerosis, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, inflammatory disease, MS The Woodlands TX USA Neil Warma, President and Chief Executive Officer; Jaye Thompson, Ph.D., Senior-Vice President of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs; Don Healy Ph.D., Vice-President of Scientific Development and Manufacturing; Donna R. Rill, Senior Vice-President of Operations; John Ginzler

Micro Interventional Devices

Newton, PA, USA | Developing device for soft-tissue wound closure after heart surgery.
keywords: Cardiology, Surgery, soft, tissue, device Newton PA USA Michael P.Whitman, CEO Willard Hennemann PhD, CSO

Monteris Medical Corporation

Plymouth, MN, USA | Offers a minimally invasive surgical approach for MRI-Guided neurosurgical ablation.
keywords: brain tumor, extracranial, malignant, cancerous, astrocytoma, brain health, neuro Plymouth MN USA John Schellhorn, President & Chief Executive Officer; Rob Davidson, Vice President, Finance & CFO; Brooke Ren, Sr. Vice President

Michelson Diagnostics

Orpington, United Kingdom |
keywords: Optical Imaging, Subderma Tissue, Non-Invasive, Dermatology, Tissue Imaging Orpington Kent United Kingdom John Schellhorn, President & CEO; Rob Davidson, VP, Finance & CFO; John Knowles, Chairman; Jon Holmes, Chief Executive; Dr Gordon McKenzie, Medical Applications Director; Martin Johns

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